Use case Medical

Example of an installation for a 100-room nursing home

Deployment of a digitalization and monitoring service for medical devices in a hospital environment

What types of equipment?


Patient lift


Medical device

Problems encountered

Waste of nursing staff time

to fetch equipment from other rooms, departments, floors, etc.

Poor use of equipment

Risk of MSD, workplace accidents, etc.

Difficulty to determine the amount of equipment

and the real needs for each establishment

Difficulty to implement maintenance

for customers with major constraints

Service provided

by attaching a tag to each piece of equipment
with autonomous wireless terminals
secured by the Blockchain
accessible at any time
with alert notification

Customer benefit / ROI

Time savings and better staff working conditions

Satisfied residents thanks to the improvement of personal services provided by better managed equipment

Reduced maintenance costs and intervention time

ROI estimated by the customer: 14 months

Creation of additional services through the analysis of weak signals provided by equipment use

Typical installation

days of installation
connected anchors
4G gateways

Ineso services subscribed

Manage your IoT equipment in real time
Monitor any type of asset, both onsite and offsite