Ineso Company

Ineso is an innovative company founded in 2015 by Fabien Dherbassy and based at the digital campus in Lyon, France, and in Grenoble. After pioneering the development of IoT equipment, the company completed its offer in 2020 with the launch of software for the management, exploitation and exchange of data between companies.

Our role

Ineso is an integrator of IoT equipment and the publisher of blockchain data exploitation software. With 7 years of experience in France and abroad, Ineso simplifies, facilitates and accelerates the integration of new technology to meet the digitalization needs of companies and communities.

Our vision

At Ineso, we are convinced that the secure exploitation and valorization of IoT data between businesses is a mine for the creation of value and is strategic for their growth and short-term profitability.

A new-generation platform will enable the fast, inexpensive, interoperable and secure deployment of data processing infrastructures distributed throughout the company ecosystem.

These technologies will revolutionize business exchanges between companies and generate significant gains in productivity via hyperautomation. E.g., water and energy micro grids, asset location, etc.

Customer benefits

Acceleration and automation of business transactions

Control of data governance

Data integrity, trust, inalterable and secure traceability

Gain in productivity, monetization by making products "serviceable"