Use case Agriculture : Smart Watering

Example of an installation for a 1000 hectare cooperative farm

Deployment of an automatic field irrigation system with soil quality measurement

Problems encountered

Uncontrolled manual irrigation

Lack of knowledge concerning water distribution

for each field or operator

No leak detection

No visibility concerning consumption

Service provided

of water flow in relation to the actual water requirement of the crops
secured by the blockchain
of irrigation network with consumption statistics
with real-time alerts

Customer benefit / ROI

Drastic decrease in water consumption

Better knowledge of irrigation practices through the analysis of consumption logs

Payment according to real consumption

Automatic, certified and transparent billing

Creation of additional services through the analysis of weak signals provided by equipment use

Typical installation

No major wiring installation

days of installation
solenoid valves
sound level meters
4G gateways

Ineso services subscribed

Manage your IoT equipment in real time
Interconnect the companies within your ecosystem via the Blockchain