Bienvenue dans le monde des équipements connectés

Environnement • Énergie • Mobilité

welcome to the city


Integrator of IoT technologies benefiting cities and industries

Ineso has developed specific expertise tailored to cities and industries of tomorrow around the globe from Abu Dhabi to San Francisco. As a specialist of new generations of smart equipment networks and the Internet of Things, Ineso imagines innovative solutions which enable its clients to adapt to emerging economic, security, societal and environmental challenges.

Illustration of how it works

1.Lighting, Mobility, Air Quality

Ineso rolls out across-the-board architecture: from connected sensors to the platform as a service (PaaS) and, of course, real-time data transport for urban lighting, air quality and mobility.

2. Detecting with sensors

Whether it’s inside or outside, our sensors (pedestrian and vehicle radars, presence and motion detection, fine particle sensors, lighting sensors, etc.) communicate with their concentrator using radio waves. It’s reliable, non-intrusive and free.

3. Collecting and Transmitting

Data is real-time collected and transmitted via our secure servers to the PaaS. Network stability (KNX), backup and standalone modes: our business is built on data transport.

4. Plateform as Services

The Ineso platform, which can manage several thousand devices simultaneously, enables you to view, control, create alerts, simulate and communicate. It breathes life into the Smart City, Smart Industry.

Ineso, technology accelerator and integrator

Lighting:  Mastering lighting and generating savings.

Air quality:  Measuring air quality and taking action.

Mobility:  Measuring and analyzing flows to better understand the city.

Ineso, a one-of-a-kind platform for simulating, controlling and communicating

The real-time collected data populates Ineso’s PaaS. Our platform communicates with citizens, simulates your projects, controls your equipment, alerts maintenance crews.

A few references
Ville de San Francisco équipée d'éclairage intelligent par INESO

Helping the San Francisco Police & Detecting the gunshots

San Fransisco, USA
Installation par INESO de lampadaires Smart Lighting couplés avec des radars de détéction

Equiping a district of Shenzhen
with connected LEDs

Shenzhen Shi, Chine
400 points lumineux connectés par INESO à Valence

400 street spotlights in Muséros (Valencia) Spain

Museros, Valencia, Espagne