Use case Environment

Example of the management of indoor air for a 1200 sq m building

Deployment of a complete indoor air treatment solution

Problems encountered

Obligation to take action on air quality

(according to the WHO, 1 out of 5 deaths is due to air pollution)

Increasingly stringent

environmental regulations

Current air filtration and depollution systems are highly energy consuming

Service provided

CO2, VOC, Fine Particles, Temperature, Humidity
on pollution thresholds
and outside the people's hours of occupancy
according to their actual wear and tear

Customer benefit / ROI

Depolluted and healthy air: white rooms, offices, common areas, schools, etc.

Air filtration only when necessary Controlled energy consumption

Greater transparency through the real-time display of pollution levels

Regulatory compliance (labor regulations, CSR, etc.)

Typical installation

days of installation
indoor air quality sensors
air purifiers
remote TV screens

Ineso services subscribed

Manage your IoT equipment in real time