Ineso Ethic Chain

Link your data to the blockchain

The Ineso Ethic Chain unifies different sources of data to accelerate business exchanges between companies and facilitate the release of new products and services

Connecting numerous data sources

IoT equipment network

Maintenance and management software

Intranets and extranets


Other blockchain networks


A multi-chain hub to manage all your equipment, documents and assets

The Ineso Ethic Chain operates like a private and decentralized hub of “parachains” that interconnect various data flows.

The parachains operate in parallel within a blockchain and possess their own register, thus creating different secure communication channels but which are capable of exchanging data between themselves!

Data is structured and organized by themes according to organization that is both internal and external to the company.

A business that joins the Ineso Ethic Chain network keeps control over the visibility of the data that it shares and decides on the administrative rules between the various players in the project, i.e. who participates in the blockchain and with what rights…

The implementation of governance is specific to each organization.
For example, it may be materialized by a consortium of several companies acting as a validating authority through consensus.

Control of rights over several domains

  • system administration, Blockchain configuration
  • Delivery of Blockchain access certificates

Multi-level rights management






Based on governance adapted to your organization

To secure and valorize
commercial exchanges
with total trust

The transactions are digitally secured and contractualized by smart contract to automate commercial exchanges directly between the companies and their users. Business relations are private, transparent and efficient.

Acceleration, traceability and reduced transaction costs

Anonymous exchanges that are more transparent and secure

Monetization of new products and services

A single secure portal to distribute your company's vital applications

The Ineso Connect web platform enables you to rapidly launch your project within a logic of hyperautomation, high scalability, and the long-term sustainability of the services. It is customizable and offers numerous features as standard

The digitalization of assets and equipment with automated lifecycle monitoring

Site digitalization with real-time geolocation

"Phygital" service that enables you to consult the status of equipment in the field by smartphone

Automatic management of IoT equipment in scheduling or automatic mode

Incident statements, preventive maintenance with alert management

Data mining with the integration of AI motors and deep learning standards

Multi-client, multi-site management by groups and by zones

With fast deployment
in your business and its ecosystem

The Ineso solution is designed to valorize your project by accelerating its deployment, by involving the various players in your ecosystem, and by optimizing the impact that it will have on your business. Its infrastructure consists of 4 modular layers

IoT exploitation layer

assets, sensors and equipment

Multi-chain blockchain layer and governance

Data mining middleware layer

ON-CHAIN / OFF-CHAIN management

Web 3.0 and API application layer

Low operating cost

Fast transactions

Effortless scaling

Reduced carbon footprint

Blockchain services
to rapidly realize your project

Deployment of parachains that are specific to your project

Multi-level governance system designed for business

Publication of a smart contract with the management of reading and writing rights

Blockchain explorer

Publication of specific tokens for your project

Customer portfolio and links for dematerialized payments

Why choose Ineso
as your technological partner?

The knowledge of IoT markets: industry, environment, energy, medical, etc.

Expertise in IoT, blockchain and data mining technologies

Our expertise in the construction of innovative business models

An independent, trustworthy third-party that guarantees the respect of rules of governance

A middleware architecture that is both flexible and secure and beefits from a low carbon footprint

The IoT management and digitalization services of the Connect platform