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François NAÇABAL

Platform Manager
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Open Technologies Manager
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J-Christophe REYBIER

Business Development Manager

Our story

Established in 2015, Ineso is located in the French Alpes, very close to Grenoble

Our Story

Ineso was created in 2015 and has established its headquarters at the foot of the French Alps, close to Grenoble

Fabien Dherbassy, a French entrepreneur, is an expert networker, capable of turning simple encounters into real business opportunities.

After creating his first business in China when he was just 25 years old, he founded Ineso in 2013 with two partners who offered him their complementary know-how.

He started out on the smart lighting market and went on to develop his offer on the air quality, mobility and energy markets.

This one-of-a-kind platform as a service (PaaS) solution can now manage over 100,000 connected equipment units and can ever-so easily plug into any networked infrastructure to make it even smarter.

Thanks to its reinforced team and solid shareholding base, Ineso can now fully initiate its large-scale commercial deployment focusing on virtually-unlimited application opportunities

Our partners

IPW group

IPW is an OEM/ODM service Group specialized in the study, design and manufacture of products in China, in France and across the world. The company, founded by Ineso creator Fabien Dherbassy, hosts 10,000 m2 of production facilities delivering equipment to the aeronautical, electrical, telecom and LED lighting industry sectors. Its design offices provide privileged development and industrialization capacity for Ineso’s specific business lines.

Groupe Visiativ

The Visiativ Group accompanies over 18,000 clients through their digital transformation via its businessline-focused collaborative and social platform. Instinctively, Visiativ integrates Ineso’s connected solutions to accompany its industry 4.0 clients.

Groupe Tera

Groupe Tera is the international benchmark for air quality analyses through its laboratories and its sensors. Ineso integrates these fine particle sensors into its solutions which ensure optimally-reliable
" Providing the indispensable technological brick for connecting equipment in smart networks to ensure energy and ecological transition is successful "