Who are we

Our vision

The Ethic City

What is an Ethic City ?

The Smart City is still a rather abstract concept. Ineso advocates an ethical approach and wishes to offer citizens cities where data and technology benefit the community and its inhabitants. Ineso is the missing brick for turning Smart Cities into Ethic Cities. The concept of city is taken in its largest sense, embracing all its players: citizens, businesses, communities, etc.

Providing a solution for key issues impacting our regions

We accelerate the integration of state-of-the-art technology by addressing overriding matters: air pollution, citizens’ health, reducing the carbon footprint, etc.

Securing Data

Working in a totally transparent way, our network ensures the data transported is optimally-reliable, optimally-secure. The end-user retains ownership of their data.  And, today, this is vital.

Tackling pollution, generating savings

Our sensors and our solutions are designed to make the world a healthier, less wasteful place. The sine qua non of an Ethic City!

Being transparent

Our platform legitimizes public action by facilitating exchanges between city citizens, politicians and the administration. Ineso invites each citizen to play an active role in their city.

" Providing the indispensable technological brick for connecting equipment in smart networks to ensure energy and ecological transition is successful "