The platform


Installing quickly, safely

  • A mobile App dedicated to setting and maintenance services
  • Field installation is done automatically and safely
  • Real time visualization of your installations
  • A wide range of products available in our shop

Operate and Maintain

Piloting in real time

  • A simple configuration allowing remote control and maintenance of your equipment
  • An intuitive, powerful and customizable dashboard with alerting services
  • Multiple operating and group management scenarios
  • A multi-server and multi-site supervision service

Visualize & Understand

Visualize intuitively to understand at a glance

  • A visualization service offering multiple possibilities
  • Geolocation supporting all map formats
  • Signature of your raw data to extract more value
  • Enhancement of data from free or private platforms (local weather, pollution, traffic)

Secure your data

Secure your data while preserving the transparency of exchanges

  • A network of private equipment without subscription needed
  • BLOCK CHAIN technology securing data collection and exchange
  • An autonomous mode allowing local network operation
  • A secure ID for each device