Our solutions

Easy installations

Plug & Play

Automatic commissioning

Ever-so easy to install an Ineso system! All our equipment is engraved with a QR code: you just need to flash the codes when installing (app provided on smartphone) so that the object to connect is instantly recognized by the platform and operational in our architecture.

Intuitive control

Dashboard & Central Control

Customizing equipment, automatic geo-tracking, allocating objects or object groups to a scenario, taking control of isolated objects: the Central Control integrated in our platform is easy to use, intuitive and customizable at wish, in addition to scenarios which can be pre-set.

Synthetic dashboards can be viewed and controlled without any prior training.


Alerts & maintenance

Alert severity, sent by mail and SMS, permission-based differentiated access to parameters, access to technical datasheets and maintenance logs, real-time upload of a host of data from the field: curative and preventive maintenance has never been so easy!

Free, stable network

Dual RF mesh

Our RF network is free and stable. The dual-mesh star topology ensures network stability. Each device can become a network node in line with location configuration. Inter-equipment communication is minimized and optimized. Scenarios are backed up in network lower layers and not lost if ever there’s a platform outage.


Multiprotocol & API

Our network runs by default with KNX on 868 MHz (for France). This technology has been tried and tested for years and is reliable and free. We provide you with all the services you need for using data via our platform and, so that you can integrate our existing system, we can also provide the APIs and listening required for a system to be immediately operational.


Data protection

On equipment level, our commissioning system; which allocates a unique ID number, provides initial protection.

Backing up connected object operating scenarios ensures everything works autonomously if ever there’s a network outage.

And, last but not least, out PaaS servers offer the highest data backup and protection guarantees.