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Air quality

Measure Air Quality

Air quality, the priority environmental concern for all people, is a real challenge for society.

Ineso offers local governments and businesses the opportunity to measure and control their air pollution.


deaths every year in the world

are due to air pollution

of public-acces buildings

are obliged to monitor their indoor air quality


is the accuracy of our fine particle sensors (PM)
Illustration of how it works

1 -PM Sensors

PM sensors for outdoors and for clean-room environments and continual air-quality monitoring.

2 -PM tracking and monitoring

Real-time sensor monitoring and geo-tracking

3 - Automatic Alerts and commands

Alerts sent to smartphones and by mail, preventive maintenance and automated control (servo) for filtration systems.

Ineso Air quality technologies

PM Sensor

PM Sensor High Performance (PM 0,3 > PM 5) to detect, measure and improve outdoor or Indoor AIr Quality
  • Permet la mesure en temps réel de l'air intérieur ou extérieur
  • Capteur de mesure de particules fines nouvelle génération : PM 0,3 PM1, PM2.5, PM 5,PM10
  • Mesure de l'humidité et de la température
  • Géolocalisation des capteurs
  • Automatisation de systèmes de filtration en cas de dépassement de seuils prédéfinis : pollution maîtrisée et économie d’énergie
Caractéristiques techniques
  • Lecture Laser Haute précision (salles blanches, milieu hospitalier, etc.)
  • Durée de vie 15 000 heures en mesure continue
  • Alimentation 5 v
  • Asservissement à un système de filtration possible via la plateforme
Gateway Concentrateur INESO

The gateway that connect all our devicess

This gateway can link all our devices together: Sensors and Platform of services. Also available in outdoor version.
  • Capable de gérer jusqu’à 2 000 objets connectés
  • Peut fonctionner en mode automate et local, sans connexion avec la plateforme
  • Conservation des scénarios et des alertes en cas de coupure réseau
Caractéristiques techniques
  • Existe en version Indoor ou durcie pour l’extérieur
  • Protocole KNX, Multiprotocole si besoin (Wifi-4G- Lora- Lan-Fibre…)
  • Alimentation 12 v

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Couple Air Quality with other Ineso services

Ineso is an expert in implementing different technologies for making objects and sensors operational.

The correlation of this different equipment and matching their data creates a real added value for society, cities and citizens.

" If you don't measure, you can't improve "