Our solutions

Ineso lighting

Mastering lighting and generating savings

Public lighting now benefits citizens and cities, enabling them to take control of lighting units, allocate them to groups, imagine scenarios and alert maintenance crews.


Ineso Mobility

Understanding movements and easing city congestion

Ineso Mobility can be used to analyze city people and traffic flows, to understand them and ease them, for example: by spotting a free parking space and informing the citizen, detecting pedestrian or traffic movement in a given area

Ineso Air quality

Measuring leads to improving air quality

Measuring air quality real-time is key for cities, enabling them to improve processes, generate energy savings and, more generally, monitor our health.

INESO - "Tailor Made"

Special business - Design Office

INESO is an integrator of solutions… but also manufacturer and developer for projects specific to your needs, during the phases of design, industrialization, production and testing for your sensors or any other connected equipment.

Through our presence in China, in Shenzhen, the cradle of Iot technologies, we can offer you turnkey and competitive solutions.

Installations that are ever-so-easy to roll out

Plug & Play

Automatic commissioning

Intuitive control

Dashboard & simplicity


Customizable alerts

Free,stable network

Dual RF mesh


Multiprotocol & API


Data protection

Manage your installations remotely